introducing PARASOL CAPITal

The new era of investment management has begun.

Presenting a unique investment management solution that lowers your risk and increases your returns.
Nasha Afshar
NASHA AFSHAR - Managing director
"At Parasol Capital, we believe everyone deserves their own family office and delivering this is our core philosophy.
We utilise a clear, straightforward approach to investment management and continually strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients.”

An Exceptional Family Office.

Parasol Capital is a Multi-Family Office, providing a host of tailored solutions to all your wealth management problems. Our Multi-Family Office brings many benefits, such as sharing on operating expenses, creating economies of scale with larger investments, and providing access to exclusive investments and private deal flow. Typically, for a Family Office to be viable operationally, it needs to have at least $1 billion in assets under management. This is one reason why some families elect to pool their assets into a Multi-Family Office.

We are to help you protect and grow your wealth.

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