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We help set up your personalised Family Office.

Parasol Capital was founded by highly experienced investment professionals who recognised the need for a change. A new era of investment management that was highly personal, instead of generalised. No more financial services ingrained in inefficient practices that don't work to your needs. With a truly personalised approach, at Parasol Capital, we do things differently.
WHat is a family office?
Family offices are a customised private wealth management advisory firms serving high-net-worth investors. They offer a totally outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an individual or family. Families can combine pools of capital into organisations to manage their investments, providing benefits like sharing operating expenses and creating economies of scale with larger investments.
Why have a family office?
Not only are there immense benefits for current generations, such as funding current living expenses, but investing in a family office is an investment in your future. Family offices are a popular choice to ensure lasting wealth for future generations. At Parasol Capital, we take extra care in ensuring the diversification of risk from the core business, and we can even set up funding for charitable causes.

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